First things first, what is ‘50k to 1 million trading challenge’?

This is an account which I am trading from 50k all the way to 1 million strictly following the trading strategy that you will learn. The main purpose of this program is to offer training on the power of risk; reward ratio where for every $50 we risk we will aim to make a minimum of $150. We will set a strict stop loss and take profit without deviating in all trades. You need to have a good understanding of the Mt4; navigation and execution of trades. We cannot predict well in advance how long this program will run but once we move the 50k to 100k we will double the amount per trade to move 100k to 200k, 200k to 400k, 400k to 800k and finally to the 1 million mark. You will receive regular updates but most important is that I will share my Mt4 investor password with you which you will use to login and access all my trades, see their moves, how I manage them and how the account is growing. 


Kindly do not share your login details with a friend or relative. Just direct them to this page for registration. 


Ready to start, click here to register and enroll for advanced training &/ following our trades.