1.What is the minimum amount of capital required to start trading?

The minimum capital to activate your account and start trading is $100.

2. Do you offer training on online forex trading ?

Yes we do offer training on online forex trading.

3. How long does the training take ?
One month is adequate to complete our advanced premium course if you can commit about 2-3 hours per day for each lesson.
4. I am a beginner should I also enroll in your advanced premium course ?

The first lesson in our training is designed for a beginner. You will first of all cover the beginners course (lesson 1) before moving on with the more advanced lessons.

5. Are the lessons delivered through an online class or through the traditional one on one class set-up ?

Our training is through online lessons thus giving you the comfort to take the lessons anytime you are free. After each lesson you will complete a test and you will be expected to achieve 100% success rate in each lesson before moving on to the next lesson. This approach thus makes sure that by the time you complete the training you should be able to comfortably teach someone else the same concepts.

6. How do I start ?

You start by learning. There is no other way; learn and take full control of your investment.

7. Is online forex trading legal or one of the pyramid scheme ?

Online forex trading is a business just like any other and the only major difference is that you use the internet to connect to the general market and you will thus not be required to physically travel to the currency market to settle a transaction. It is a legal very well regulated business all over the world which has produced some of the world's richest individuals in the whole world.

8.Are you a forex bureau ?

We are not a forex bureau, we only specialize on individual online forex trading and training.

9. Are you registered by the CBK?

We are not required to be registered by central bank as we are not a forex bureau or a forex broker. We are traders who trade individual accounts and also offer training to individuals who want to learn. The requirement to be registered by central bank is for deposit collecting agencies and in our case we do not receive invested cash from the client. You will open and fund your own account and when you make profit you withdraw back to your account. We will thus not handle any of your invested cash.

10. Will I be trading my money with you?

You will not be trading your money with us. You will deposit your money with a forex broker and there are hundreds of forex brokers as there are banks. Just like in trading shares (cds account), you will be able to see the deposit in your forex brokers platform and it is that money which you will use to execute trades. Your forex broker will not trade for you, you will be the one to execute trades, to deposit as well as to withdraw your money. No one will interfere with your cash flow, the broker is there only to connect you to the online forex market, on our part we are there only to offer you training on how to trade and you will learn with a demo account.

11. Are there verification documents asked ?

Yes. Normally there are only 2 documents required; but a forex broker may as per regulation ask you to send more documents if necessary.

A valid government issued ID; this can be a Passport, Drivers License, ID card, etc
Proof of Residence listing the P.O. Box or mailing address. This can be a bank statement (collected from the bank with an official stamp and signature) or a utility bill such as water or electricity bill. N/B Whichever document you choose to use it must have your name and address as they appear on your trading account and if there is any disparity such as in the P.O.Box you typed when opening the account with what appears in your utility bill, login into your online forex account and change the details to match those in the utility bill.


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